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Internet Marketing Strategy For Wirral Accountants

Getting new clients is a challenge for most accountants in Wirral, but you can overcome this to an extent with internet marketing. If you are an accountant, you need to know what your internet marketing strategy should include. When you know what the strategy should include, you can take active steps to put them in place and reaping the benefits of them.

Your Wirral Accountants Website

The start of any internet marketing strategy will be your business website. If you do not already have a website, you need to get one as soon as possible. This is the basis of your online presence and all of your marketing should be pointing back to it.

The accountants website will need to aesthetically pleasing and professional looking, but it will also need to have a strategic focus. To keep in line with the strategic focus of the website, you need to include a list of the services that you offer. You should also have calls to action and a blog.

The blog is important because it shows that you understand the concepts of your industry and that you are willing to share information. The information on your blog will also make you stand out as an authority which is vital to getting more customers. In terms of SEO, a blog is also important as it will increase the indexed pages and signal to the search engines that the website is still active.

Content Marketing for Accountants

Content marketing of your accountancy based content is another part of your strategy that you need to focus on. This will primarily be done through the blog attached to your website, but there are other ways that you can do this as well. You should also look at email campaigns, guides and videos that will help you potential and existing customers.

The key to good content marketing will not be to churn out as many blog posts and videos as possible. It is to have the right content on your website because your customers are looking for something meaningful. They want content that will answer their questions and you can easily turn the content into a call to action.

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The first step in your content marketing will be to have a cornerstone asset. This will be a big piece of content that is the main lead driver for your website. The content should be at least 2000 words in length and showcase all of the expertise that your business has to offer. Once you have this piece created, you will be able to create spin-off content based on the cornerstone content.

It is recommended that you create a cornerstone asset every 6 months and top this up with 3 to 5 blog posts per month. You should be creating a minimum of 2000 words of good content for the website each month. Each month, you should also be posting 30 to 60 social media posts, host a webinar each quarter and have a case study each quarter.

Know Your SEO in Wirral

SEO or search engine optimization is important for all businesses, but you need to know how this affects your accounting practice. To start your SEO strategy, you will need to do some keyword research. You have to think about the words and phrases that your potential customers will search if they want to find your business e.g. “Accountants Wirral“. You should then look at the competition you will have for these keywords and try to narrow them down.

You might want to focus more on local SEO than general SEO if you are not open to working with people from around the world. This will ensure that people in your local area will be able to find your website and connect with your business. It is important to understand what the differences are between local SEO and general SEO.

As the name suggests, local SEO is focused on a set geographic location and this will be where your physical business location is. General SEO does not care about location and someone from across the world could land up on your website with this. To do well with local SEO, you will need to focus on location keywords and ensure that you have location information on your website. You should also consider opening a Google My Business account.

SEO for Accountants

Internet Marketing Tips For Accountants In Wirral

If you have an accountancy firm in Wirral and you want to take it off the ground, then you really do not have any choice but to harness the power of the Internet to your advantage. But how do you do it? In this article, we are going to outline some proven Internet Marketing tips that have been proven to work in any business.

It all starts with you having a website. Have it professionally-done and when it’s done, have a professional SEO rank it for search terms like “accounting Wirral” or “Wirral accountant”. While accounting is all about crunching numbers, Search Engine Optimization is all about meshing together quality content and effective link building strategies to make websites rank on Google for their most important keywords.

There are many SEO companies out there, but for your own good, make sure to hire one that is experienced in local search. Local search results are found just below the paid results and can be distinguished from the locator map and the directory-type listings that have star ratings below each.

Your online marketing strategy does not stop with Google, though. Harness the power of social media. No, we are not talking about Facebook here. Facebook is all about people who want to connect with their family and friends, although this shouldn’t stop you from aiming a promoted post to target users who list “Wirral” as their location and “accountant” as their occupation. For business-to-business networking, though, you have to go to LinkedIn.

Social media marketing is different from SEO. While the latter is rather passive in that you let potential clients find you, the former is all about building relationships. That said, whenever you feel the need to pitch your business, put yourself in the position of the other person and ask if you would be interested in what you have to say, or would you rather want to deal with someone who is interested in your business first?

Aside from SEO and social media, another online marketing strategy you can explore is advertising. While you can advertise on any website, obviously, you will want to advertise only on websites that give you access to local clients. One very good place to advertise is Google keywords. So, whenever someone searches for Wirral-based accountants, your websites would be the one on top.

No matter what the method of promoting your business is, the message is more important. SEO, advertising, and social media marketing are only some of the ways to make yourself known, however, when you do not convey the right message to your audience, your efforts won’t be as effective. That said, make sure to formulate a tagline that encapsulates what your business is all about and why clients should hire you.

Set aside a session with your marketing manager to formulate a Unique Selling Proposition for your business. Do not rush this process. Remember, the message is the only thing that connects you to your clients.