SEO Strategy For Builders In Liverpool To Get More Clients

If you’re a builder in Liverpool or have a construction company, then one of the most important issues to solve is how to get more clients. There are many ways to attract more clients, but one of the most cost effective ways of doing so is through SEO (search engine optimisation). This is where you create a website or use your existing website, optimise it and within months, you rank at the top of Google for keywords such as “builders in Liverpool”. As you can imagine, if you rank at the top of Google for that type of keyword, then you will naturally get a lot of calls and enquiries for people who are looking for a builder. Once you can properly close these people, you will soon have many more clients than you can handle. We will now take a look at how you can do SEO to achieve this result.

First of all, your on-page SEO needs to be squeaky clean. This means that if you have any technical issues with your website, they need to be fixed, asap. Four example if the load time of your website is over 5 seconds, then you need to reduce this as much as possible. Also, if their are broken pages and 404 pages on your site, you need to fix these as well. The content of your site is of critical importance and you need to properly structure each page and each silo of your site.

So, each page of your site should have a title, SEO title, various headlines, meta description and the proper use of keywords. Each page should be optimised for at least 4 or 5 similar keywords so that you get as much long tail traffic as possible. The content of your page should not have a very high keyword density with a maximum of 3%. Your main keyword should be mentioned in your title since this has the most weight. The overall quality of your content should be high and it should mention your location as being in Liverpool at least a handful of times.

Map of Liverpool, MerseysideOnce you have your on-page SEO tweaked, you need to focus on off-page factors which are backlinks. One of the most important type of backlinks that you will need to get are citations. These are critical for local sites and you can easily outsource this activity to an SEO service. Alternatively, you can find various business directories and create a listing for your company on each one.

After you’ve built your citations, you need to get social signals as well as other backlinks. The best type of backlinks to get are through outreach since they are white hat links. You can get these links through guest posts, editorial links, press releases etc. However, you should aim to only create a couple of links per weeks since quality is more important than quantity.

In closing, once you follow the above guidelines and apply them over the course of 3 – 12 months, you will see a rise in your rankings and traffic. As a result, you will achieve your bottom line of more clients and more revenue than ever before.

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